The Concept of  www.Chimpanzee.TV

The concept is to create a multi-media collaboration between musicians and film-makers who want to showcase their material in a symbiotic way and in the process create a viable marketable media, which will generate income for the artists and provoke donations to deserved conservation efforts that are the subjects of the films.

It is an exciting new way of supporting a conservation project, linking new and established global artists in a unique collaboration to support a fragile part of our heritage and a delicate balance between man and nature...

The first of these is a film celebrating the chimpanzees of Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania.

With forty hours of amateur footage collected over two years,  Jimmy returned to the Mahale Mountains in May 2006.  Having worked through his old footage, the aim was to fill in the gaps using a higher definition camera for landscape shots and close-ups.

He decided to experiment with the idea of posting short clips onto the internet using activity from each day, which he edited using Final Cut Pro and posted via satellite internet using iWeb.

To make the clips more interesting, he incorporated music, which quickly took over from the narrative.  The events of the clip were explained in the accompanying text and an expressive track drawn from his library which suited the sentiment of the images.

Having investigated the copyright laws, since only a portion of each track was to be used, it was deemed that the material would not be depriving the artists of revenue but rather creating positive exposure.  Thereby it could be considered “Fair Use”.  Further to explaining this in a copyright notice at the foot of the homepage, various references to supporting artists and buying their music legally were made throughout the site.

By using iWeb’s Podcast function, the clips which appeared on each daily entry were made available as 5G iPod compatible files, enabling the user to have new video automatically saved into their iTunes and then transferred onto their iPod.


www.Chimpanzee.TV was born.

The FUTURE of  Chimpanzee.TV

The plan from here is to continue the editing of the main body of the film.  During this process, clips will be taken out of the body and published as a new Podcast series released regularly under a new page of the site until the completion of the film.

Once the film is complete, Jimmy hopes to return to Mahale Mountains armed with music from artists who fully endorse his project to broadcast another “Live” Podcast.  With the correct sponsorship, it may even be possible to travel with a group of musicians to perform a live (unintrusive and acoustic) webcast concert from the forest. 

This would ideally span a three week period and also serve to gather some more footage of higher definition more suitable for the big screen... and at the same time enable viewers to observe more behaviour from this unique community of our cousins with minimal impact and cost to themselves and their carbon footprint. 

Viewers would subscribe to a secure site which would have an entry fee with no restrictions on public broadcast so that tickets might be sold - generating revenue for themselves if they are capitalists or the chimpanzees if they are “human beings being human...”

(Dizraeli, Edinburgh fringe 2008)

If you are a musician interested in becoming involved, or a potential sponsor looking to support the project or place advertising on this site or in the body of a podcast, then please send an email to the following address:-

or contact Jimmy through Facebook